Is Leucoderma Cureable – Leucoderma, also known as Vitiligo, is a chronic skin disease wherein the skin starts to lose its pigment slowly and patches of white colour appear on the skin surface. It is caused when the melanin pigment in the skin is either damaged or destroyed due to some condition or flare-ups of existing disorders. With time, the progression can become worse and cause larger areas to lose pigmentation and appear white.

Leucoderma is a very common skin condition that affects as many as 1 million people in India every year. It is a chronic disease that can affect people of any age or gender, but there are a lot of treatment options that can completely cure leucoderma. If you’re wondering “is leucoderma curable?” and are looking for ways to cure it, learn about all the possible treatment options here!


Leucoderma is a skin disease that causes discolouration in the skin. It happens because of damage or destruction to melanin pigment in the skin. In areas where the pigmentation is stopped or delayed, the skin surface starts to become paler and eventually loses all skin colour and appears as white patches. 

There is no other notable symptom of leucoderma except pale or white patches and spots on the skin surface. It doesn’t cause irritation or dryness, the skin is normal but more sensitive and depigmented. It may cause grey hair on the body in some cases. The skin condition progresses in varying periods for different people. It causes the patches to become larger and larger with time. This progression can only be delayed, stopping it is not possible.

This disease makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight as melanin pigmentation is what protects the skin from sunburns and allergic reactions. The areas that are discoloured or pale are more sensitive to sun rays than skin that didn’t lose pigmentation.

Common causes of leucoderma:

  1. Genetic conditions
  2. Severe sunburn
  3. Stress
  4. Immune disorders
  5. Chemical reactions
  6. Thermal burns
  7. Eczema
  8. Ulcers



The common question related to this skin disease is if leucoderma is curable or not, since it is a chronic disease it is not curable and is a long term illness. However, there are treatment methods that can allow patients to have an even skin tone. Leucoderma also affects hearing and vision and causes severe sunburns. 

Treatment options for leucoderma aren’t entirely cosmetic and also include treatment for improvement of cognitive, hearing and visual functions and boosting the immune system of patients. Let’s take a look at how to cure leucoderma:

  • Phototherapy using UVA: A phototherapy is a form of treatment that uses sun rays to treat health and skin conditions. A dermatologist is the only medical practitioner that can treat patients with UVA phototherapy. It uses artificial ultraviolet light and affected areas of the skin are exposed to ultraviolet light. This is done in a controlled environment to avoid reactions and complications. It is not the most effective treatment, but it can help some patients that can tolerate sunlight.
  • Depigmentation: Depigmentation is the process of reducing or removing pigments from the skin cells. This is usually suggested to patients that have more than half of their body affected by leucoderma. It makes the normal and unaffected parts of the skin lose colour and become paler to make them fit with white patches caused by leucoderma. This is done by using medicated topical ointments or creams.
  • Immune Boosters: Immune-boosting drugs or ointments are given to patients that are at a higher risk of experiencing complications and accompanying skin conditions like sun allergies.
  • Surgery: Skin grafting is a method where a surgeon used healthy skin to cover leucoderma patches. Surgical treatment options for leucoderma are not widely suggested as they can cause a lot of scarring or serious complications.
  • Home treatments: Home remedies aren’t 100% effective as they can completely cure leucoderma, but in early stages or when there is very little discolouration, they can be very helpful in delaying pigment loss in skin cells. Here are some effective home remedies for leucoderma:
  • Basil and lime paste: Basil and lime can be applied to affected areas to delay the discolouration of skin cells.
  • Neem paste: Neem paste can be used to prevent sunburns and possible harm to white patches that are extremely sensitive.
  • Turmeric paste: Turmeric can provide temporary colour and relief to discoloured patches.


Leucoderma is a long term chronic disease that can not be cured. Its symptoms can be delayed and the affected areas can be limited from progression. It doesn’t cause any irritation or dryness but there may be serious complications like irregular hearing and vision. Leucoderma treatments usually focus on depigmentation or the prevention of serious conditions that accompany leucoderma and boost the immunity of patients.


Is leucoderma curable?

Leucoderma is an incurable disease, but there are many treatment options available to reduce it completely.

How to cure leucoderma completely?

Leucoderma can not be cured completely. When more than half of the body is affected, it is usually recommended to use depigmentation methods.

When does leucoderma start appearing?

Leucoderma can appear at any time at any age.

Can my whole body be affected?

Yes, if the progression isn’t stopped or delayed at the right time.

Can tattooing cure leucoderma?

It is a form of treatment but it has a lot of side effects that can actually make leucoderma worse, so most doctors are against it.

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